Amicus – 2A Law Professors 

Amicus – 139 House Reps 

Amicus – Academics for the Second Amendment 

Amicus – American Civil Rights Union 

Amicus – Americans Against Gun Violence 

Amicus – Becket Fund for Religious Liberty 

Amicus – Black Guns Matter 

Amicus – Brady + Team ENOUGH 

Amicus – California Rifle & Pistol Assn + Gun Owners of California 

Amicus – Cato Institute 

Amicus – Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence 

Amicus – Citizens Crime Commission of NYC

Amicus – Commonwealth Second Amendment Inc

Amicus – Constitutional Law Professors

Amicus – Corpus Linguistics Professors and Experts

Amicus – Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund

Amicus – Federal Courts Scholars

Amicus – Firearms Policy Foundation + Firearms Policy Coalition + Calguns Foundation

Amicus – George K Young

Amicus – Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence

Amicus – Gun Owners of America et al 2

Amicus – Gun Owners of America et al

Amicus – Judicial Watch Inc + Allied Educational Foundation

Amicus – Louisiana et al 2

Amicus – Louisiana et al

Amicus – Madison Society Foundation Inc

Amicus – March for our Lives Action Fund

Amicus – Mountain States Legal Foundation

Amicus – National African American Gun Assn Inc

Amicus – National Eduation Assn

Amicus – National League of Cities + US Conference of Mayors + International Municipal Lawyers Assn

Amicus – National Rifle Association of America Inc

Amicus – National Sheriffs Assn et al

Amicus – Neal Goldfarb

Amicus – New York et al

Amicus – Patrick J Charles

Amicus – Pink Pistols

Amicus – Professors of 2A Law + Second Amendment Foundation et al

Amicus – Public Health Researchers and Social Scientists

Amicus – Rep Bradley Byrne + 119 Reps

Amicus – Robert Leider

Amicus – Senator Sheldon Whitehouse et al

Amicus – The Liberal Gun Club

Amicus – United States

Amicus – Western States Sheriffs Assn et al

Amicus – William J Bratton


Petitioner – Cert Petition

Petitioner – Cert Reply Brief

Petitioner – Mootness Response

Petitioner – Principal Brief

Petitioner – Principal Reply Brief

Respondent – Brief Opposing Cert

Respondent – Mootness Brief

Respondent – Mootness Reply

Respondent – Principal Brief