Amicus – 34 Professional Historians + Legal Historians

Amicus – 38 States

Amicus – Academics for the Second Amendment

Amicus – American Center for Law and Justice

Amicus – American Cities + Cook County, Illinois + Police Chiefs

Amicus – American Civil Rights Untion + Let Freedom Ring + Committee for Justice + The Family Research Council

Amicus – American Legislative Exchange Council

Amicus – Anti-Defamation League

Amicus – Arms Keepers

Amicus – Assn of Prosecuting Attorneys and District Attorneys

Amicus – Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence et al

Amicus – Buckeye Firearms Foundation Inc + US Concealed Carry Association

Amicus – Calguns Foundation Inc

Amicus – CATO Institute + Pacific Legal Foundation

Amicus – Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence

Amicus – Constitutional Law Professors

Amicus – Eagle Forum Education & Legal Defense

Amicus – Early American Legal, Constitutional, and Pennsylvania History

Amicus – Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence

Amicus – English and Early American Historians

Amicus – Foundation for Moral Law

Amicus – Goldwater Institute + Scharf-Norton Center for Constitutional Government + Wyoming Libery Group

Amicus – Gun Onwers of American et al

Amicus – Historians and Legal Scholars

Amicus – Institute for Justice

Amicus – International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Assn et al

Amicus – Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

Amicus – Kay Bailey Hutchison + 57 Senators + 251 Reps

Amicus – Law Professor and Students

Amicus – Maryland Arms Collectors’ Assn Inc

Amicus – NAACP Legal Defense & Educational Fund Inc

Amicus – National Shooting Sports Foundation Inc

Amicus – Nordyke v King Appellants + Madison Society + Golden State Second Amendment Council

Amicus – Oak Park Citizens Committee for Handgun Control

Amicus – Organizations Committed to Protecting the Public’s Health, Safety, and Well-Being

Amicus – Professors of Criminal Justice

Amicus – Professors of Philosophy, Criminology, Law, and Other Fields

Amicus – Representative Carolyn McCarthy + 54 Reps

Amicus – Rocky Mountain Gun Owners + National Assn for Gun Rights

Amicus – Safari Club International

Amicus – State District Attorneys et al

Amicus – State Firearm Assns

Amicus – State Legislators

Amicus – States of Illinois, Maryland, and New Jersey

Amicus – The Board of Education of the City of Chicago et al

Amicus – The Heartland Institute

Amicus – The Paragon Foundation Inc

Amicus – The Rutherford Institute

Amicus – United States Conference of Mayors

Amicus – Women State Legislators and Academics

Cert Brief Supporting Petitioner – National Rifle Association of America et al

Cert Reply Brief Supporting Petitioner – National Rifle Association et al


Petitioner – Cert Brief

Petitioner – Cert Reply Brief

Respondents – Brief Opposing Cert

Respondents – Principal Brief for City of Chicago and Village of Oak Park