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Wyoming – -( Firearms Research Center (FRC), housed in the University of Wyoming College of Law, has officially launched after earning faculty approval and private financial support.

The center was established to bring more voices to the firearms discussion, create a pipeline for law school graduates prepared to serve as firearms attorneys, and act as a reliable, nonpartisan resource for firearms-related information and research.

“In the United States, there is an ongoing debate over the Second Amendment, violence and the relationship our country has with firearms,” says George Mocsary, the FRC’s director and co-founder who is a professor in UW’s College of Law. “Discussions are frequently siloed, lacking cross-disciplinary work and contributions from diversified voices. By bringing together scholars from a wide range of academic disciplines and experts from other backgrounds, the Firearms Research Center will foster a broad discourse to produce meaningful change in how firearms are discussed and understood.”

Under the leadership of preeminent firearms scholars and experts, the FRC will foster groundbreaking research for peer review and public use. The center’s website will be an online hub for firearms-related data, research, and law, for a practical application today.

“The Firearms Research Center will serve as a resource for academics, practitioners, lawmakers, members of the media and the public on the uses and roles firearms play in society — both past and present,” says Ashley Hlebinsky, senior fellow and co-founder of the FRC. “After years of hard work and diligence, we are thrilled to officially launch FRC and know that its impact will be widespread and meaningful.”

About The Firearms Research Center

UW’s Firearms Research Center will offer continuing legal education, cross-functional scholarly workshops, courses, and symposia to further firearms education and thoughtful conversations about firearms use across the country.

For students, the FRC will offer a community where scholars and established experts can cultivate knowledge within a collaborative community of support — through hands-on learning experiences, research opportunities, and placement opportunities for students to ensure employment after graduation.