Firearms Research Center Director and College of Law Professor George Mocsary said that the Center, while only having its official launch in January of this year, has already seen success as an organization and held a successful full-day conference in the Fall of 2022 as a soft launch. This year’s two-day conference included representatives from different organizations from across the state and beyond. Mocsary said having them included will help drive the organization’s mission of advancing the conversation surrounding guns.

“Walk the Talk America, the Cheyenne VA and other entities represented during our two-day summit are experts in their respective fields and will bring incredible insight and value to those who attend the conference,” Mocsary said prior to the event.

Firearms Research Center Executive Director Ashley Hlebinsky said at the conference that one of the goals of the event is to rediscover the humanity that often gets lost in the midst of gun debates.

“I just want people to realize that, while there are lawyers and clinicians here, so many of us have connections to death by suicide, and many of us I’m sure suffer from mental illness in this room,” Hlebinsky said. “I just think that sometimes we forget that, as we’re talking about this, as we’re talking about policy and theory, that humans who need help are here right now. They’re going to feel like they can be open or feel judged based on the way that we communicate.”

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