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Flintlock “Assault Weapons”?

As Joe Engesser of Rock Island Auction Company has put it, “One common gun control argument is that America's Founding Fathers could not have imagined the repeating “assault weapons” of today when the Second Amendment was written in 1791, numerous guns already existed that were...

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Articulating the Danger

F. Lee Francis is an assistant professor of law at Mississippi College School of Law. This post is adapted from my forthcoming article Defining Dangerousness: When Disarmament is Appropriate. In 1964, the United State Supreme Court, in Jacobellis v. Ohio, undertook to determine whether the...

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Guns Are Normal and Normal People Use Guns

David Yamane is a professor of sociology at Wake Forest University. He is currently completing a book on American gun culture called Gun Curious. Professor Yamane also runs the Gun Curious blog, the Gun Culture 2.0 blog, and YouTube channel “Light Over Heat.” I am...

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