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An 18th Century Machine Gun?

Early repeating firearms technology utilized a range of different designs to fire multiple rounds before having to fully reload. The simplest and earliest method of producing arms capable of firing more than one round at a time was to fit a firearm with more than...

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An Early Magazine Fed Repeater

Magazine-fed repeating firearms technology dates to the 1640s to the Dutch Kalthoff family. The Kalthoffs were gunmakers who developed a patent that allowed up to twenty-nine shots to be fired in rapid succession. The Kalthoff repeater was designed to have either a sliding breech mechanism...

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19th Century Superimposed Revolver

Mid-19th Century America saw a flurry of activity in the landscape of firearms design. In many cases, designers would experiment with merging older technology with more modern to see if they could create something new, to varying results. One such designer was John Walch. John...

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